Empowerment thru Accessories

I am filled with gratitude for you, my customers, who have supported me internationally through galleries, museum gift stores, boutiques, retail art shows and catalog sales for the past 25 years. While I continue to be passionate about my work, it is now time to give back.

"Empowerment Thru Accessories" was born from witnessing the power a woman could acquire from feeling beautiful while her body wages war with cancer. Ironically this empowerment can come from something as simple as an accessory, a scarf. As I began teaching free classes, with the understanding that the scarves painted would be gifted to women in need; I realized the empowerment happens for those learning to paint and continues with the act of sharing the creation with a person in need. "Empowerment thru Accessories" is the richest thing I've created yet, and it is my intent to make this very simple project available to anyone interested, regardless of ability to pay, so that we may utilize the international language of the arts to support our sisters, mothers and friends.