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Detailed Instructions:

1.   Cover area with drop cloths

 2.   Stretching cord

3.  Hanging the scarves for painting:
  • Clip medium size office clip ONTO cord,
    {gold clip,} at an angle

  • Clip medium size office clip OVER the cord,
    {red clip,} attaching to corner of scarf

  • Repeat on other side.

4. Have participants choose 3 colors

5. Decant some of each into individual paper cups
6. Fill 2 containers with water.

  One to wash brushes in between color choices;
 the other to dilute Dye-Na-Flow colors for a variety of effects

7.  Dye-Na-Flow can be diluted with water to create lighter shades.

8.  All brushes can be cleaned with water.
drying scarves

9.  Drying can be sped up by using a blow dryer or hanging scarf close to a heat source.

10.  To set Dye-Na-Flow colors use household iron on medium heat for at least 3 minutes.

Finished Scarves

11.  Wash fabric in cool water until water runs clear, roll up in old towel then iron to dry. Rinse with hair conditioner if needed for softness.


I encourage my class participants to think of someone in need, someone who's life would be enriched by a scarf. This leads to color choices and helps the person get into the creative process. Dye-Na-Flow is very similar to watercolor painting, so some people will dive right in.

For the more hesitant, I begin a scarf myself, letting it develop during the course of the class. I choose not show my "advanced" work at the beginning of a class as I do not want anyone to have a preconceived idea of right or wrong. There are no mistakes in this process. I watch the room and if someone is blocked I spend one on one time with them, talking about what we see in their work and about the person they are painting for. This brings them into the silk, washing away fear, encouraging them to go forward.

I ask people to share the experiences happening in the room with everyone. This will help take your class in its own direction, letting the wonders of creation take the participants on their own journey while enhancing the experience for all.

Have fun, bring in the joy, keep the energy flowing and enjoy the riches of doing something extraordinarily personal for someone in need. Take what you have learned and pass it on such that others may benefit from this program as you have.