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Class Materials

Need To Acquire:
Silk yardage suitable for painting. Available from Rupert Gibbon & Spider. Information is on the Contact page. Note: One yard = 2 scarves when cut into triangles.

Dye-Na-Flow 2.25 oz fabric dyes in the following colors:
  • Cranberry Red #807
  • Brilliant Red #806
  • Sun Yellow #801
  • Cerulean Blue #815
  • Claret #810
  • Turquoise #813
  • Midnight Blue #816
  • Chartreuse #818
  • Brass #821
  • Brick #825
  • Burnt Umber #827
Dye Na Flow dyes are available in many retail art stores. You can order class kits from Rupert Gibbon & Spider which include all the above colors, pens and the silk. Kits are available in Small, 3-6 participants or Large, 12-20 participants. Information is on the Contact page.

Need To Gather For Class
  • Laundry cord*
  • Anchors for stretching cord, minimum 4 feet of linear working area per person
  • Medium office binder clips, 6 per person
  • 1 " foam brushes, 3 per person
  • Small Dixie cups for dyes, minimum 3 each person
  • Assorted glass jars for water, 2 per person, can use paper cups also
  • Strong paper plates
  • Rags
  • Drop cloths, dyes will stain
  • Assorted brushes
  • Disposable plastic gloves, available at drug stores.
*any cord will work but laundry cord can be wiped off and used again

for more detailed directions go to the Instructions page
  1. Download and Print instructions from website.

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  2. Cover surfaces with drop cloths, inexpensive plastic ones are available in paint departments.
  3. Secure cords at shoulder height with sufficient tension to support scarves as they get wet.
  4. Hang scarves from corners and mid sections using office clips as in photograph.
  5. Decant ½ inches each of 3 colors of Dye-Na-Flow into paper cups using droppers provided.
  6. Place cups on sturdy paper plates for a palette.
  7. Fill 2 jars with water, one for diluting colors, one for washing brushes.
  8. Paint silk, let dry.
  9. Instruct participants on heat setting colors with household irons.