Party With A Purpose — 
       Put The Fun Back In Fund Raising

Party With A Purpose gives you a no hassle fundraising opportunity guaranteed to be fun.

Invite Siobhan and Deb and their rolling rack of hand painted scarves to your next fundraiser, luncheon, or any event for the betterment of the world. We will be delighted to bring our delicious hand painted silk scarves and play while donating 25% of sales to your cause.

Siobhan has a rich history working both on and with non profit boards, understanding the need for innovative, easy, fundraising opportunities that require NO work on anyone’s part to set up, deal with or follow up on. We have it all covered, entertainment, education in scarf tying and color consulting, and a way to raise funds for the non profit of your choice.

Siobhan Silks will write your non profit a check upon our departure for 25% of sales.
We love to travel, please don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of your zip code.

Siobhan   •   P.O. Box 202   •   Point Arena,CA 95468

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