I start with an idea, a direction, and then step aside and let the art work take me on the journey. The white silk is stretched, and then metallic resist is drawn onto the scarf freehand. Once the resist has dried I begin to paint in the areas, working on some pieces for weeks at a time. The resist keeps the dyes from running together, resisting the spread.

Some of the gallery line has hidden messages such as "Believe In Yourself." These notes are designed to be observed by the person wearing the scarf, a message such as "A-Bunny-Dance," reminding wearer that "abundance" is within all of us.

By letting go of the outcome, each scarf takes this artist on a journey into unknown color combinations. This process allows the dyes to combine on the fabric, creating new colors as they mix. The discoveries I make while playing with the Color Studies enhance my palette and my delight in letting the art come through me, to you.

This line is dedicated to Tatiana, the tiger who lost her life at the San Francisco Zoo while reacting to harassment by a bratty male. The purrr line combines the soft palate of the coastal colors, while celebrating the tigress in each one of us. 25% of the profits from this line go to Empowerment thru Accessories, empowering women through making them feel beautiful during chemotherapy.

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