Silk Ribbon

"Gifting scarves" with the intention of spreading love and support in unexpected places has long been my passion.  I believe silk holds energy and that love radiates to the recipient, over and over. Historically I've funded this silk ribbon of love by selling my scarves at art fairs.  

Twenty months ago I awoke in ICU, 100 miles from home with a traumatic brain injury. The resulting chronic headache has taken me off the road and away from doing art fairs, thus restricting my ability to buy the blank scarves I paint and donate to the greater good. Ever increasing silk prices and an impending trade war are threatening the future of the silk ribbon of love.  

You can help. 100% of your donation will be used to purchase silk scarves which I will paint, infuse with love, and pass on. Your generous donations help procure silk as prices soar daily. Knowing that I will be able to continue to work on and gift silk regardless of dramatic changes in the supply chain is priceless.

Thank you for being part of the silk ribbon of love,


Ways you can help: